Reaching Millions

Micronutrients like vitamin A, iron and zinc are essential building blocks needed to grow healthy and strong during infancy and childhood.  Yet for millions in the developing world, poor health due to vitamin deficiencies remains all too common and can lead to illness, disability, reduced work capacity in affected adults, and even premature death, especially for women and children.

Helen Keller International works across Africa and Asia to ensure that more peopleparticularly women and childrenreceive the essential nutrients needed to build healthy immune systems and live happy, productive lives for years to come.  

Last year alone, we reached 45 million children under five with twice-yearly, high-dosage vitamin A supplements in 15 African countries

We also collaborate with government and private sector partners on initiatives that reach nearly 300 million people across Africa with micronutrient fortified staple foods, such as cooking oil and wheat flour.

Vitamin A supplementation is recognized by leading economists and health experts, including at the World Bank, as one of the most cost-effective, high-priority public health interventions in the world. This simple yet powerful solution costs just $1 per child per year. Helen Keller International distributes more than 100 million vitamin A capsules to children under five in Africa and Asia each year.
Helen Keller International is working to make food fortification as commonplace in Africa as it has been in industrialized countries for nearly a century, to ensure that foods enriched with vital micronutrients are available in even the poorest communities.